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Bergamot Candle

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  • Bergamot Candle
  • Bergamot Candle

Bring fragrance home with Youngstown Candle Co. Infused with natural essential oils, this candle creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room. The bamboo lid adds functional style to make an ideal gift for yourself or others. The Bergamot fragrance includes Aventurine. Size: 6 oz

The Aventurine crystal stone meaning is linked with the heart plexus chakra, which makes it a powerful gem for calming negative emotions that often gets stuck in the heart center. Working with this stone allows the gentle and supportive Aventurine crystal healing properties to flow through your chakras, which helps promote harmony and balance while clearing away toxic emotions. This rush of positive energy and heart-opening boosts your confidence and opens your energy field to attract new possibilities and opportunities, which is what gives Aventurine its luck-enhancing power.